LANNN – Installing Apache Benchmark on CentOS (EC2 Linux AMI) with NginX

Benchmarking is important part for every type of web application. Benchmarking results might be critical factor for making decision about system upgrade or rebuild. Apache Benchmark (ab) is good tool that will help you test your NginX performance.

If you are following LANNN series that is good time to run your 1st benchmark. Lets use Apache Benchmark to do the work for us.

Installing Apache Benchmark (ab) on CentOS

You will need to install apr-utils and yum-utils first.

Note: Don’t use it before you finish reading.

This is commonly used and spoken method. Unfortunately it WILL NOT work on AWS EC2 Linux AMI based CentOS.

Even if you correct version that is the place you will get stuck. On CentOS httpd package doesn’t have ab tool.

Instead you should extract Apache Benchmark from httpd-tools. And here is how.

Now extract ab (Apache Benchmark) and move it to  /usr/bin  folder


Now you can use ab (Apache Benchmark) tool to test your site.  Parameters you want to use are:

So run ab command making 100 requests  to  with 10 concurrent connections and waiting maximum 60 seconds for response per connection

Remember to put slash at the end as ab syntax is as follows.



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