Installing Java jdk1.7.0 and IntelliJ on Ubuntu

Here comes quick guide on how to install IntelliJ (JDK 1.7.0) on Ubuntu also explaining how to install Java JDK on Ubuntu. I wrote it as a quick reminder after starting up Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal guest in VMware running from Windows host.


Installing Java

IntelliJ runs on the top of Java so that is where we should be heading for first.

So first lets start with making sure all openjdk stuff is gone ( who likes messy fonts? )

Then download 32bit or 64bit Linux compressed binary files. You are after  “.tar.gz” files ex.: “[java-version]-i586.tar.gz” for 32bit and “[java-version]-x64.tar.gz” for 64bit

Once you have them downloaded navigate to download folder and uncompress as shown below

Get root permissions and move all JDK  files to  /usr/lib/jvm

Install executable files adding right permissions

Hit [ Ctr+D ] to leave root account. And you should be able to test it with

You can find more information on Ubuntu forum


Installing IntellJ

Download latest version from official IntelliJ download pages navigate to the download folder and uncompress IntelliJ files with tar

We can move all the files to application folder now. Lets create one first.

You should be able to run it executing

Adding IntelliJ to dash and launcher

Just run IDEA, then go to Tools menu and select Create Desktop Entry or if you running it 1st time go to configure and then Create Desktop Entry. IntelliJ will create launcher in ~/.local/share/applications and you will be able to access it through the Dash. Open it and  pin  icon to the launcher selecting that option from the context menu you can access with  right clicking the icon when IntelliJ is running.

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