Unity3d with GIT – .gitignore for BitBucket and Github

Unity has own version control system. YAY! If however $500 and need to set it up yourself seems bit steep for Indie studio. No worries we can go with GIT and Github or BitBucket (free up to 5 users)

If you decide to go with GIT here are few steps to follow:

  1. Create your project
  2. Enable “Meta files” Mode (Edit > Project Settings > Editor)
  3. Initiate git with  git init (run command from the top level of your Unity3d project folder)
  4. Create .gitignore file (also top level of your Unity3d project folder)
  5. Paste below below settings into your .gitignore file
  6. Create your repository on BitBucket or Github and add it as remote to your project

Note: If you on mac or windows it might make sense to updated version control server with your public key so you are not prompted password every single time


Here you go. In just few steps you can take your Unity3d development to the next level.


Marek (admin)

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